How it Works

Our information for the proceeding days meeting will be released 20 minutes before the first race to account for scratchings and any prevailing conditions of the day.

Simply login with your username and password and click on the form/race card tab to view the days information.

What we give you

Detailed comments will be supplied for each race with also

  • Race level of Confidence

  • Mapping predictions AND

  • Our assessed prices and value selections

How are the ratings produced?

Our ratings are assembled by the use of a sophisticated computer model which assesses many variables of horse performance. Then our team will add further adjustments for many other factors including trackwork data, video analysis etc. Then on the day of the meeting any prevailing conditions and betting trends will be taken into account and the ratings are adjusted accordingly.

What does race level of confidence mean?

We rate our races from 1 to 5.

Level 1 rated races are where we are least confident and level 5 are our highest rating races where we are extremely confident in the race.

Level 1 – These are low rating races where we suggest reducing your stakes and are typically races we are looking for good value runners for us to bet into the race

Level 2- These are slightly higher rated races than a level 1.

Level 3- These are races that we have a strong opinion on, we may be looking to back multiple runners in the race

Level 4- These are high rating races, where we believe we have the race down to only a couple of strong chances

Level 5- These are our highest level of confidence races, a race where we believe there is limited chances and we expect value in the marketplace.

What does race tempo mean?

This refers to the amount of predicted early pace injected into the race in the first and second sectional splits.

A slow pace will generally assist on pace runners and leaders, good tempo will still slightly favour on pace and midfielders and a fast tempo will bring backmarkers into the race.

What is the best way to use the ratings?

For each race a detailed assessment is given with a race level of confidence given to the race (1-5) with a 5 being a race of the highest level confidence.

Mapping predictions are included which can help our clients when any bias is ascertained throughout the day.

We also provide an assessed price of the runners in contention. The markets are priced to 100%, therefore any un-priced horse is given a very low probability of winning.

Our suggestion is to back overlays off our assessed prices and increase your stakes in the higher rated races.

What are overlays?

An overlay is where the markets odds exceeds our assessed odds.

Eg of an overlay - Assessed odds 2.0, Hong Kong tote odds 5.0.

Overlays will occur when the market odds on the Hong Kong tote exceed our assessed odds for Hong Kong racing and when the market odds on the Singapore tote exceed our assessed odds for Singapore Racing.

How should I stake my bets?

Staking is important in betting. We suggest to bet to win a set amount off our assessed odds.

For example – If you are betting to win $100 off our assessed odds of 3.50, this would require a stake of $40, if the market odds are great than 3.50.

Betting to win a slightly larger amount is suggested the higher the race rating.

Further advice can be provided by emailing support.

What meetings are covered?

Currently we are releasing our information on Hong Kong and Singapore horse racing.

We may add other jurisdictions in the future.

How often do they race?

Usually Hong Kong and Singapore both race twice per week., this may vary from time to time.

What is the best value subscription?

We suggest you subscribe long term/recurring, as not only is it:

  1. Cheaper but also
  2. Being consistent will aide in producing long term profits.

For any further enquiries please contact us

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